Guess What?! It’s Time to Play Mystery Pattern Tester Again!

We’re changing things up a little bit this time, though.  Instead of three testers, I would like to select just one person to test my next PDF sewing pattern and tutorial! I am hoping to get feedback as to how I can improve my pattern/accompanying literature, pictures of finished product(s), and your thoughts on what you would expect to pay for a pattern of this type/quality.


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The Shop is Open!

Oh, my goodness!  Remember the Mystery Pattern Tester Contest we had going on last week? Well, our awesome tester did a really nice, thorough review of the tutorial and pattern.  I took all of her suggestions to heart and decided to offer the very first Hippie Chick Menstrual Solution pattern for free in the online shop!

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What Am I Doing Up So Late?

Well, I haven’t been to bed yet; but I guess, technically, I should be saying good morning instead of good night!  Ever since the Mystery Pattern Tester Contest started, I’ve been spontaneously jittery.   Ha!  How crazy does that sound?

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Jodie! Debra! Marina!  Are you ready to have some fun?!

You are my fab three pattern testers for the mystery pattern this month!

You will be testing a pattern for our curvy, one-snap version of The Hippie Chick Menstrual Solution!


Keep an eye on your inboxes for a message from me containing your pdf sewing pattern along with instructions!  (Subject line: mystery pattern winner!)

Thank you so much to everyone who played along with me!  :O)

My Love/Hate Relationship with Ingredient Labels

For years I’ve been diligent in making sure that most of the food I put in my body is beneficial in some way.  It always made sense to me to take care of my body so that it would take care of me.  To this day, I always read labels and buy organic this and that and try my best to fool my family by sneaking veggies into everything!

But, to be honest, somewhere along the line, I lost my trust in the labeling in our country.  The wording must be written by some of my not-so-favorite attorneys from back in my court reporting days or something.  It’s downright sneaky! Continue reading

One Day Left…

Where’s the time going?  I can’t believe it’s almost Friday!   Tomorrow we reveal not only who our three mystery pattern testers will be, but what they are testing! The suspense is killing me!  It’s like Christmas all over again!

If you know someone who’d be interested in joining the fun, pass it on!  Until then, wishing you good luck and genuinely admire the blind jumpers who are willing to have some fun with me! (Have you ever read a blog post with no periods, just exclamation points? Um, yeah, I guess I’m a little excited!)

Stay warm (if you’re in the Northeast), and have a great day (wherever you are)!


In Search of Some Friendly Pattern-Testers!

Oh, my stars!  I cannot even believe this is happening right now! I am up way too late and up to all things good tonight!  I did the usual reading of 27 books while A.W. vehemently refused to close his heavy little brown eyes.  That’s okay, because Mama’s got Dr. Seuss stamina! Ha! Continue reading

Happenings Behind the Scenes and a Glimpse at What’s to Come

Hope everyone had a great New Year!  I didn’t even do anything, and I still feel like I’m struggling to get into the swing of things! It’s part my crazy-hyper-crafty personality and partly my crazy-hyper-crafty (where’d they get that from?) kids — and, I suppose, partly the chaos that comes with the holidays.  I wanted to pop in and reveal what’s been going on in my world, because there’s a lot.  Continue reading

Are-You-Kidding-Me? Pesto

I hope everyone had a great holiday with lots of good eating, drinking, and family time!  We had a great time hosting Christmas dinner this year!  I am surprised at how busy I have been this past week, but I guess that’s just my nature coupled with all the festivities this time of year.

I have a new quilt (my second ever) that I’m working on sewing-wise, a homemade dinosaur sleigh bed that my husband and I are working on craft-wise, and a notepad sitting next to my computer full of notes of topics I want/need to write posts about.  I keep telling myself in due time all will come together, and I really do believe it will.

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Transitions and the High of Giving

Leaving my yoga class this week, I turned on the radio to keep me company for my very rare solo ride in the car.  I have my kids with me 99.9% of the time, so I’m not really used to being able to listen to the radio freely.  I’m that mom that doesn’t like the mainstream club/pop music played for my impressionable toddlers while we travel anywhere and everywhere.

This night, I was excited to put the radio on and listen to whatever I wanted, not having to worry if there was bad language or topics that my four-year-old would be asking me to explain.  Man, it’s been a long time since I have listened to the radio.  Continue reading

Jazzy Homemade Makeup

A couple years ago, someone gave me a link to a blog that had instructions on how to make homemade makeup — from crayons!  If you know me in real life or are good at reading someone from what they say or do or how they talk, you should know that I hate unnecessary harsh chemicals.  Makeup was one thing I could never see myself getting around.  To be honest, I am of the age now where I regularly wake up looking “busted”! Ha, ha!  But, really, I mean it.  I need a little help in the morning, and coffee’s not going to cut it!

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Slow Cooker Squash Soup

This is a recipe that I actually wrote down! I’m impressed with myself that I wrote it down and a dated it, too.  It’s from 2010, before I had kids with allergies in the house.  That being said, it’s not dairy-free, but could probably be adapted pretty easily.  I used to adore this soup and will have to make it again now that it’s found it’s way back to me!

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Convertible Car Seat Poncho (Discussion and Tutorial)

Good morning!

I think today is the special day that I will finally write up the tutorial for the latest car seat poncho that I made.  Both kids are sleeping in, and I have a few quiet moments to construct a tutorial that makes sense!

I adore these ponchos.  First off, I love them because I get to make them.  A very close second is the fact that my kids just drool over them.  A.S. would have one for every day of the week if she could.  (And I might be crazy enough to sew that many if I didn’t anticipate my husband questioning all those extra fabric purchases!)  As for safety, they are just so much better for car seat use than a big, bulky winter coat.  Both A.S. and A.W. get in their seats, hold up their ponchos for me to buckle them in, and then drop the ponchos down to snuggle in.  The fact that they’re reversible and fairly water-resistant when you use fleece are just added perks to their cuteness!  I have seen many of these popping up from other crafty moms, so I think it’s a trend with some staying power.

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