In Search of Some Friendly Pattern-Testers!

Oh, my stars!  I cannot even believe this is happening right now! I am up way too late and up to all things good tonight!  I did the usual reading of 27 books while A.W. vehemently refused to close his heavy little brown eyes.  That’s okay, because Mama’s got Dr. Seuss stamina! Ha!

Okay.  So here’s the big news: I have decided to mesh the simple life and technology a little bit.  I want to share some of my sewing passion in a more hands-on way.  So I have spent the last few days working my butt off.  And when I say it’s all coming together at freight-train speed, that’s putting it lightly.

In the last two days, I have set up my online shop, bought a scanner, programmed the thing myself, hand-drawn my pattern in marker (I am sew old school, so you know I can’t go too digital!), scanned a pattern, and written up the instructions!  For real!

And now, if you’re still reading through my excited rambling, for the really great news.  Since I’ve never actually used a purchased pattern to sew something, I don’t really know what they are like.  I need help!  This is where you come in!  I would like to select three people to test my very first PDF sewing pattern!  I am hoping to get feedback from these three lovely people as to how I can improve my pattern/accompanying literature and also pictures of finished product(s).

I will select three people randomly on Friday, January 9th at 5:00 Eastern.  For a chance to test, please leave a comment below.  Active followers can get an additional entry by just commenting how you follow SewOldSchool.  Once selected, I will email you the PDF and accompanying literature.

Let’s have some fun!

The surprise?  You may have guessed already – I am not telling what pattern you will be testing!  Do you trust me to create a little sewing fun, or what??

***Getting many questions about length of time to assemble and sew this pattern. That’s a detail I can share! About 20 to 30 minutes I would guess. Quick and easy to get the ball rolling. I’m hoping to get feedback on ease of pattern, ways to improve it, and clear photos of end result within a week. Sound reasonable? So fun that you all are jumping in on this!!! Thank you!!


24 thoughts on “In Search of Some Friendly Pattern-Testers!

  1. I’ve got a brand new sewing machine that’s just itching for new projects. My old machine is all boxed up and ready to be sent to her new home and I’m just dying to start sewing on my new one. She’s patiently waiting for me to plug her in. I love the name of your blog too. I used to be part of a DJ group called the Low Techs cuz we only spin vinyl. ;^)

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  2. I’d be game for testing–but any ideas of what your timeline is like? I have a full time job and 3 kids, so sometimes sewing time is scarce. I’d need at least 1 weekend to complete a pattern. Thanks! I’ve tested for Sew Much Ado before twice. It’s a lot of fun to do. I work frequently with PDF patterns.


  3. i would love to be chosen! i recently got my first sewing machine, and am on the hunt for new patterns to try 🙂 so far i haven’t done much but i want that to change LOL


  4. I wish I could sew! I would love to test out your patterns and be able to make these for my kids. I think you should offer a sew old school CLASS! I would join! 😉
    You’re awesome, lady!

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  5. I would love to test your pattern! I love sewing and being stuck in the house with the cold weather would give me something to do.
    Following on FB.


  6. I want to join in on the contest!! I hope I win!! :)). I follow you on FB and the webpage!! Yayyyy! So excited for you!

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