The Shop is Open!

Oh, my goodness!  Remember the Mystery Pattern Tester Contest we had going on last week? Well, our awesome tester did a really nice, thorough review of the tutorial and pattern.  I took all of her suggestions to heart and decided to offer the very first Hippie Chick Menstrual Solution pattern for free in the online shop!

I am so happy to see how many awesome ladies are doing their part to reduce disposable waste products all while creating something for themselves with their own two hands!

I originally intended to create a whole line of cloth pad patterns for The HCMS, but wanted to see first if there was enough of an interest in it.  Now I think I’ll get to drawing and scanning more of my patterns!  We need pantyliners, overnights, etc., available in the shop!

I’m also working on some more intricate patterns for our next Mystery Pattern Contest, so if you know someone who would like to join the fun, please, let them know about it!  I am seriously having so much fun with all of you that I would almost equate it to my time on the high school softball team! :O)

Be well and creative always,



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