Transitions and the High of Giving

Leaving my yoga class this week, I turned on the radio to keep me company for my very rare solo ride in the car.  I have my kids with me 99.9% of the time, so I’m not really used to being able to listen to the radio freely.  I’m that mom that doesn’t like the mainstream club/pop music played for my impressionable toddlers while we travel anywhere and everywhere.

This night, I was excited to put the radio on and listen to whatever I wanted, not having to worry if there was bad language or topics that my four-year-old would be asking me to explain.  Man, it’s been a long time since I have listened to the radio.  (For the record, for the last six months or so, all we listen to in the car is this system to learn Spanish in your car.)

Anyway, the music was awful.  The message was something or other about the club poppin’ on a Tuesday.  Well, sorry, but I have kids and daily back pain, so I’m not in the club poppin’ anything on any day of the week.  And definitely not on a Tuesday, because we have places to be Wednesday morning.

So I took the music with the message that had nothing to do with me as a sign from the puppeteer holding the strings of my life telling me to find something else to do with my time.  Namely, don’t waste it.

I turned off the radio and was flooded with thoughts of the day, of my childhood, and of transitions.  Subconsciously, I know what started this.  Earlier in the day I sewed up a gift for a friend that I had reconnected with after many years.  When I dropped the package off at the post office, I had this really unexplainable, crazy feeling inside.  It was very intense.  It was nervous, excited, giddy.

I’ve never done an illegal drug in my life (you’re welcome, Moose), but I feel like this must be the high that keeps people coming back to drugs.  Turns out, an unexpected gift, snail-mail style, with a handwritten note, for a very old, special friend is my genuine drug of choice!  Seriously!

I have no idea when this transition occurred.  I clearly remember being all about the receiving as a child.  Thank goodness I made this transition to see the beauty in the other side of the transaction.   At this point in my life, on this topic, the grass truly is greener.

So about the yoga connection.  This week in my senior yoga class (yes, it’s a senior class, but I was blessed to get in), a woman (she’s kind of like a stranger I feel like I’ve known forever) baked brownies for another woman’s birthday and surprised her.  It was totally unexpected to most everyone in the room.  But I knew that it was happening in that moment, right in front of my eyes, for me to see, to show me that there are other people who feel the same way about giving from their heart as I do.  It also confirms that I’m right where I should be.

As for the package to my friend, besides the festivities with my kids, that pretty much makes my holiday season.



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