Guess What?! It’s Time to Play Mystery Pattern Tester Again!

We’re changing things up a little bit this time, though.  Instead of three testers, I would like to select just one person to test my next PDF sewing pattern and tutorial! I am hoping to get feedback as to how I can improve my pattern/accompanying literature, pictures of finished product(s), and your thoughts on what you would expect to pay for a pattern of this type/quality.


Contest starts now and ends Friday, January 23rd, at 5:00 p.m.  I will try my best to announce winner by 5:30 p.m.  When I announce winner, I’ll also announce pattern so that everyone knows what’s up and coming in the shop!

I expect photos of completed project and feedback by Friday, January 30th.  (That gives you a full week to go shopping for fabric, if you need to, and complete project.)  And I’m me, so I will probably check in with you mid-week to make sure that everything printed okay and that everything is going well and you’re not having any difficulty with the pattern.

This particular pattern should take no longer than an hour to complete and requires about 2/3 yard of fleece in two separate fabrics.  And absolutely no more hints! :O)

For a chance to test, please leave a comment below.  Active followers can get an additional entry by just commenting on a separate comment how you follow SewOldSchool.  Once selected, I will email you the PDF and accompanying literature.

Let’s have some more fun!


P.S. I’m a well-rounded individual, and this pattern has nothing to do with my menstrual cycle, so don’t be afraid to enter! lol


7 thoughts on “Guess What?! It’s Time to Play Mystery Pattern Tester Again!

  1. I would love to test your new pattern. I have a pile of fleece that has been begging to be used. I follow you on facebook.


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