A Walk-Through of My Vintage Sewing Machine Collection (with Video)

I love making things.  There’s something about doing something completely by yourself that exposes and highlights all of your talents and shortcomings.  It’s a really humbling thing.  In this technologically-driven world we live in, it’s nice to come back to those things that are more simple.

I can’t really explain in words what happened to me once I taught myself to sew on my first treadle.  It changed the way I looked at all things handmade and gave me a passion about something that I really can’t describe.

If there’s one thing that I hope this blog does for those considering learning to sew, I hope it’s getting them to consider a vintage sewing machine (VSM).

VSM’s, in my mind, are kind of like the elderly.  And we all know how I feel about the elderly! (See this post if you missed it: https://sewoldschool.com/2014/11/15/the-gift-of-the-elderly/)  They deserve to be pulled out of the basement, rehabbed, and used.

I’m willing to bet that once you sew on one, you’ll be hunting around for more!

A few people have requested that I take a video of my VSM collection.  I was hesitant to bore the majority of the people reading with my insane love of these Iron Ladies, but I went ahead and made one.  It’s very short, and very vague.

If there’s anything that you’d like me to go over more in depth, I would be happy to do so.  Just leave me a comment below on what you’d like to see.

And I will be upset if any of my readers gets a VSM and doesn’t share the picture with me!  That  would be just plain wrong!

With that, here’s the short video clip of the SewOldSchool girls!



5 thoughts on “A Walk-Through of My Vintage Sewing Machine Collection (with Video)

  1. Does a sewing machine made in the 1960’s count as vintage yet? Because that’s what I have. My gran’s was a beautiful black singer with the wheel on the end that you turned and gold patterning. I hope its still in my mum’s house coz i would love it. Electric machines scare me LOL

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  2. Miss Moongazer, I am always unclear where vintage or antique end or begin, to be honest! I think everyone will give a different answer on that! Lol
    But all that matters is that you love your machine! It sounds like you do! And I would love, love, love for you to get a hold of that “old black one with gold decals,” because I know you would love her!
    As for video link, I am sorry you can’t see it. I have checked from my phone and computer to be sure, and I can see it both places.
    I’m wondering if it’s making you sign into Facebook or something silly like that to view…?


  3. Did your 99-13 come with a spoked wheel, or did you have to add that in the conversion process? I want to convert the same model (with bad wiring) but it has a solid wheel.


  4. Michelle, my 99 came with a solid wheel, too. I ended up swapping it out for the spoked wheel on my 15. Worked out just fine.
    Excited to hear someone is getting to sew! Me, lately? I should change the name of the blog to notsewoldschool! 😉
    Let me know how your conversion goes. I love old machine pics!


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