Thoughts on Self-Fulfillment

Hello, hello!

Let’s start the morning doing one of my favorite things besides sewing — thinking! (Oh, I promise, it’s way cooler than it sounds!)

Have you ever been turned down for a promotion you really wanted or lost a contest that you knew 100% that you should have won? Has someone made an assumption about you that wasn’t true and it irked you that you couldn’t rectify that person’s perception of you? (I think we all have been to these places at some point or another. )

And, logically, I want to think/talk/type about how you handle(d) it. I’ve been reading this book in all of my “spare time” for the last few weeks.  I’ve always known there are many more layers to people than physicality, but this book is just on another level to me.   Having taken yoga for years, years ago, I must have been too focused on the breathing to realize all the different things that were going on in my body.  This book showed me how the way I am affected by things shapes the course of my life, my emotions, my actions, etc.  It’s fascinating, really.   It’s opened my eyes wider so that I can see myself clearer.

This book is one of a few reasons I pushed myself to start this blog.  I was so creative when I was younger, and that portion of me felt so walled off.  I didn’t nurture it for many years; and it started to wilt, I guess.  I don’t know a soul in real life that sews or loves crafting as much as I do.   I have missed encountering and rising above challenge and experiencing success on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

These days success is getting out the door on time with my son wearing pants!   That is fun and I do love it (most of the time!), but I need something more.  My inner workings demand it.

Everyone will react differently to information that they take in, of course; but this book was spelling out for me in capital, underlined letters that I needed to open up the doors to my creativity and fall into the blanket of confidence that I have in myself as a craft-, recipe-, thought-sharer and just as a fulfilled being.

Just this week, by putting myself out there and really pushing, two things have worked out for me in my personal life that most likely shouldn’t have at this time.  (Timing is everything, as a good friend of mine used to say.)  With the dangling carrot of personal growth and fulfilled spirit in front of my nose, I pushed myself and went for it.   I was declined for something that didn’t feel right to me.  I put my thoughts to paper and was able to achieve the result that I sought in the first place. Had I not done this, I’d still be waiting for this good thing to come to me.

The gift of a powerful mind and will and spirit is one I am so lucky and thankful to have been in a position to receive.  I will strive to remain humble (that should be easy – did you see what’s going on with my giveaway?) while I go for what I think I’m entitled to and work tirelessly until I achieve it.  I will keep my sense of humor all the way through.  And I am sure that my visions of having a craft shop in one of the outbuildings of my ramshackle barn will be a reality in due time.

May you be true, strong, and always make changes necessary to fulfill your dreams!


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