Hello!  Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Chiara.  In my previous life (aka before I had children), I was a Type-A-personality court reporter and CART captioner who was tightly wound and working way too much.

Now that I have kids that are growing up way too fast, I’ve learned to say no to the things I can’t do and put my whole heart into the tasks I take on.   I like to focus on taking the time (making the time, really!) to smell the roses and nourish my family through food, spirit, and creativity.

I also LOVE to sew!

I named this blog Sew Old School for a reason.  I consider what I do to be sewing old school — from the machine(s) I use (I have a collection of three treadles), to the absence of purchased patterns, and to the fact that I sew from a picture in my head.  My projects are far from perfect; they are often my first attempts.  My goal is to get my followers sewing old school like I am!

When you sew old school, you challenge yourself to tap into your imagination and create true art, something one-of-a-kind every time!

I’m really glad you’re here!  Let’s go (sew)!
For questions, comments, tutorial requests, or feedback concerning this blog, please contact me at culviculvi@gmail.com.


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