My Take on a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Good Morning!

So this is the first project/event that I did that had me thinking I should really start blogging, that their might be other people out there that just live and breathe and dig this creative stuff.  I guess it’s kind of cheating since I made all of these things over a month ago, but since I haven’t shared it here yet, we’ll consider it a new topic.

My daughter’s fourth birthday was looming and she was all about The Little Mermaid.  So was my two-year-old son, for that matter.

Please take absolutely no offense here if you are a fan of the full-on Disney birthday party.   The decoration packages are absolutely adorable, I agree.  (I also own all of the Disney Princess movies, thanks to a slightly crazy, princess-obsessed grandmother – my mom.)  But, I swear, there’s something wrong w/ my insides.  If I don’t do something really over-the-top, craft-wise, for my kids’ birthdays, I feel like I’ve let not only them down, but myself.

Actually, in striving to teach our children the magical value of someone’s time and energy as opposed to store-bought gifts (which can also be thoughtful, of course), for the last two years my husband and I didn’t even get our children gifts for their birthdays.  Instead we made their cakes from scratch (with their food allergies – another topic, entirely – it’s easier this way!) into a theme that they picked, and I sewed them a corresponding outfit.  (Well, my son is only two, so he hasn’t really had a birthday outfit yet, but you get the idea.)

But, to get back on track here, I decided to sew some mermaid costumes using some costume satin i had lying around from the last few birthday parties.
Since the party was held at a bounce house party center, I wasn’t able to make a skirt/dress type costume, as I thought it would be too limiting w/ movement.

In addition to the costumes for my kids (my son insisted on being King Triton), I also made a photo-op board for the kids at the party.  I lined them up and took their pictures in their mermaid bodies and emailed each parent a copy of the picture.  I think they enjoyed it!

So here are some pictures of the finished costumes and the finished photo-ops.

I think these are some great ideas to personalize your party on the cheap while fulfilling your itch for crafting!

Total cost (I’m estimating here as I had many of the items in my stash already) of both costumes, under $20.

Total cost of photo-op boards, $2 (for the poster board from Dollar Tree).

I guess there’s some extra cost if you don’t already own an X-ACTO knife, glitter, colored pencils, and mermaid stickers; but, of course, I have those things on hand at all times!  (And, double of course, I couldn’t find my X-Acto knife when it was time to cut my face holes!  Go figure!)

Mermaid Photo-op Boards for my daughter's birthday.
Mermaid Photo-op Boards for my daughter’s birthday.


2014 Birthday Costumes
2014 Birthday Costumes

If anyone has any interest in a tutorial for the mermaid costumes, please let me know!  I’ll let you direct me, because I am wordy and probably way too passionate on these things!

What do you do for your children’s parties that you think I’d love to try?


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