My Take on a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Good Morning!

So this is the first project/event that I did that had me thinking I should really start blogging, that their might be other people out there that just live and breathe and dig this creative stuff.  I guess it’s kind of cheating since I made all of these things over a month ago, but since I haven’t shared it here yet, we’ll consider it a new topic.

My daughter’s fourth birthday was looming and she was all about The Little Mermaid.  So was my two-year-old son, for that matter.

Please take absolutely no offense here if you are a fan of the full-on Disney birthday party.   The decoration packages are absolutely adorable, I agree.  (I also own all of the Disney Princess movies, thanks to a slightly crazy, princess-obsessed grandmother – my mom.)  But, I swear, there’s something wrong w/ my insides.  If I don’t do something really over-the-top, craft-wise, for my kids’ birthdays, I feel like I’ve let not only them down, but myself.

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