Hello, iPhone — and My Confession of Bad Behavior!

Good rainy Monday morning!

Guess what? My husband’s wish came true this weekend, and we are now the proud owners of two brand new iPhones.  I think he’s really happy; me, not surprisingly, not so much.

First of all, the process of actually purchasing and setting up the phones was like buying a new car.  (I mean what I imagine buying a new car would be like, as I have never actually done that.)  We were in the store for two hours w/ two whiny, hungry kids trying to keep them pacified while the girl at the kiosk typed up this and that and asked us questions here and there and kept saying that we were almost done.  Basically, it was a whole lot of sit and wait and waste time.  Not fun!

On top of that, I guess flip phones are compatible w/ absolutely nothing, so we had to text all of our pictures and videos to our email so that we wouldn’t lose them!  I have 400 or more pictures in that flip phone! What a task!  On top of that, we also had to enter all of our phone numbers by hand, too!?

But after all of that forwarding data from the flip phones, waiting and asking questions, we had two brand-spanking new phones that my husband was very excited about.

That night, we decided to treat ourselves to some take-out Mexican food.  Sweet husband, who is trying to make me fall in love w/ my new technology, suggests that I use my handy-dandy phone that is equipped w/ the internet (just imagine that?!) to order the food ahead of time.   Saturday night is high-traffic take-out night, so I figured, what the heck, I’d try it.  Oh, my Lord in Heaven and my angels on Earth did that internet activity take me the entire 20-minute drive!  I was about to hit “checkout” on my online order as we pulled in the parking lot!

The line looked long, but we decided to gamble me going in for the food while he waited in the car w/ the sleeping children.

I went in and stood at the back of the line that was wrapped around the entire dining room and around to the bathroom.  Hubby texted me about five times making fun of me saying things like: oh, look, I’m blowing up on my new iPhone; everybody wants to get in touch w/ me. I was kind of embarrassed that the thing kept going off.

But then I looked around and saw literally every single person w/in eyesight on the same exact phone that I had in my pocket.  And you know what I did?  This is the confession part here.  I said to myself, screw it, I’m not getting anywhere in this line, and I can’t even spend some time talking to someone new; I’m going to pull out my phone and hit “checkout” to complete my order.

Seriously, I hit that button; removed myself from the back of the line; and went to the front of the line for online orders. I instantly became the second person in line instead of the 50th!  What a jerk maneuver!  I never thought I’d be part of the Me-First Revolution! The only thing that kept me from thinking I was a terrible person to the core is the fact that I really did complete the order before I got in the store.  That was my only saving grace in my head!

So this, I’m sad to say, was my initiation into the iPhone club!

Today I will work harder to be the person I was before I got my iPhone! lol

And, by the way, when I was debating w/ elated husband about the pros and cons of our new gadgets, I asked him to set up my favorite feature on a phone — speed dial.

And if you have an iPhone, you know they don’t have speed dial!  Are you kidding me? ;O)


One thought on “Hello, iPhone — and My Confession of Bad Behavior!

  1. Now we have to get you on Facebook on your phone 😉 Seriously, though, I dream several times a week about getting rid of my iphone…but I think I’ve fallen too far into the guilty of being an iphone junkie territory 😦


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