Cake Crafting

Since both of my kids and I have numerous food allergies, hypoallergenic (to us, anyway) cake-baking has become kind of a fun tradition for birthdays.  My husband and I try to go all out w/ three-dimensional, really creative cakes that the kids will love.

Since I love to share, I wanted to start an area on my blog to give ideas on what you can create if you’re not necessarily a baking professional, but just a creative person w/ the will and want to try to surprise someone!

I always, always, always use this recipe, vanilla flavor – .

We follow it pretty much as written, but sub out coconut oil for the vegetable oil, use coconut sugar for the sugar, as well as a gluten-free flour.   Turns out great every time!

Anyway, over the years, when I was trying to come up w/ ideas for my cakes, I always went to blogs.  Some gave me inspiration; others did not.  Hopefully seeing some of our cakes can inspire somebody to create something super cool!  And, of course, whatever you create, please share! I live and breathe show and tell!

Here are some of ours from the last few years:


Here’s my son’s Dusty plane cake from this year. Not the best-looking I’ve done, but he loved it!


This is my daughter’s fairy cake from 2013.


Here is my son’s monster truck cake from 2013.


And here’s the front.

So I’m done w/ birthdays for this year, but I’m open for suggestions for the coming years!  Any great birthday cake theme ideas to share?

Until the next time we eat cake,



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